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We value our patients' experience at Poole Pain Relief and Wellness Clinic, Inc.. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Folta,  Your Auburn Chiropractor

July 20, 2018~ I know I am in the right place working with the right guide....

 For nearly 50 years I have experienced chiropractic care. After a major low back injury in 1987 and three botched back surgeries over the next two years; I had back braces, leg braces and was mostly bedridden for over 6 years.  I went from very fit to very broken, to NOW.

 I am very pleased to now experience a new and modern expression of chiropractic that is the very definition of what I have always believed it should be. Dr. John at Poole Pain Relief & Wellness Clinic combines multiple techniques with intuition and respect to each and every patient before him.  He “guides” my body into a more efficient/correct alignment, safely and comfortably.  The healing corrections remind me of what feeling good feels like for me. 

 I feel Dr. John’s passion and compassion every time I see him-resulting in a renewed hope for a better future with less or even no pain and better health. It is a great feeling to open the door to hope and healing and have him take your hand and say,“Yes, let’s do this!”

 I know I am in the right place working with the right guide: Dr. John at Poole Pain Relief & Wellness Clinic.  Dr. John:  Thank you.  My Body, My Mind and My Spirit thank you!

 Sincerely,    Bobbi M.

July 2018~I will always be thankful for each of these doctors...

Our family first came to this office over a decade ago. My husband had been in a car accident and was in pain.  He was so impressed that he asked me to give it a try.  I had lost more and more mobility over the course of five+ years. I lived with pain daily.  At times I could barely walk. I couldn’t pick up my children.I had told doctors about how the pain under my shoulder blades kept me from holding my babies, but they told me it was just muscle spasms and offered to prescribe muscle relaxers.  I kept insisting I felt bones rubbing.  They never did believe me.

 At this office, I was believed…and helped! It took many visits in the beginning, but as soon as possible they reduced the visits.  They were not out to string me along. They just wanted me to thrive!At one point, my husband and I and our five children were all under their care.  Every one of us has been healthy and active since we became patients. Being under chiropractic care has changed our lives for the better. I will always be thankful for each of the amazing doctors that have cared for us: by the previous owner, Dr. Kronlund, and for the past few years here at Poole Pain Relief & Wellness Clinic, Dr. Poole and Dr. John.

 Jennifer B.

January 22, 2018

This office is tops!

My entire back goes haywire from time to time and vertebrae to vertebrae.  It started when I was 15 and over-used a trampoline.  The severity of each incident varies from discomfort to agony.Other physicians and medical specialists treated me.  The chiropractor was the only one to ever provide relief.  I love the chiropractic results!  I keep coming back and have for 31years!  I would not be able to function if not for chiropractic care.I love chiropractic but not all are equal. This office is tops!  I will continue to visit here as long as I am able.

Brock D. Powell

November 15, 2017

I'm so grateful for the doctor at Poole Pain Relief...

He has made a true believer out of me.  I've always had back issues since my car accident in 2005.  I had sciatica issues so bad that times I couldn't get out of bed.  I've never believed in chiropractic and the benefits from it. Since I've been getting adjusted it has helped me with my sciatica and my horrible headaches that causes me blackouts from time to time.  It also has helped with my sinus issues as well.

When the doctor showed me my x-ray, I was in disbelief that I was walking around like that for the last 10 years and my pain level with my back was always at a 7 which would be a 10 for normal people and when it was a 10 I couldn't get out of bed.

Since I've been getting adjusted my sciatic pain is COMPLETELY GONE!!!!! My back pain is at a 3 now and I can feel the difference!! These adjustments help and they make me feel better and I sleep like a baby.  I didn't realize the lack of sleep I was getting until now.

Helen J.

July 13, 2016

Definitely helped me have my adventerous life back!
And actually listened to me and helped me voice what pains I was feeling, & was able to tell me & show me what was causing my pain! & has continued to correct & adjust my spine accordingly!
For 5years, I had been to many many Dr's who, took xrays, CT scans, exams... etc... and all said I was perfectly fine, and that it was all in my head! It was normal pregnancy pain, normal post pregnancy pain, I was just depressed and making myself believe I was in so much pain... but after doing some long research and watching video testimonies of others that had found relieve from chiropractic Care when all other drs said there was nothing they could do, I decided to save the money to see one and prayed there was an answer...
And Cried when he told me and showed me what was wrong, and what was causing my pains....and that he could help me! I was so gratefully it was not in my head, and that there was a solution!
And Dr Poole has also help our 3 toddlers (4,3,2) with life!
Our 4yr old, was dealing with severe leg cramps ever night for 2 years, with pediatricians saying it was normal growth spurts, and he would grow out of it, but just give him ibuprofen! After just a few adjustments(1x week, he has had hardly any leg cramping, (except for a missing 4 appointments due to travelling)
Our 3yr old, was losing weight, hardly eating, didn't have bowel movements for days at a time... and the pediatricians just said it was a normal phase and she would grow out of it, and eat when she was really hungry. After even the first adjustment she ate more than I had seen her eat in one day! She has gained weight and eats a lot of food!
Our 2yr old, is our dare devil fearless boy, who climbs jumps falls off of almost everything... he also hadn't slept through the night since he was 9months old... after his first adjustment he slept through most of the night! And after a few more sleeps through the nights wonderfully!

And the staff is fantastic and so patient and so caring! 
I mean not everyone and not every office can handle 3 toddlers, playing, talking, making noise... but they do with such grace and it is so comforting for me, as I on Most of our appointments am doing so solo, while my husband is working.

Leilani Getzlaff

March 6, 2016

Gentle, effective care I recommend

For years I have considered Chiropractic care my primary care source for prevention. As local Realtors, we run hard and fast, taking care of others. This is my way of taking care of myself. Keeping my head on straight! I was a patient of Dr. Kronlund for years and thought it might be a difficult transition. I have been delighted! Now a patient of Dr. Poole, I have been transformed with specific goals for overall posture improvement and am seeing visible longer waiting for a feeling of pain to take care of myself. Jordan brings a great addition to the team and the office staff and Mrs. Poole give us great service in helping us manage a financial care plan as well. Walking straighter! Feeling better! Gentle, effective care I recommend to my friends and family! Come feel the best you can feel!      

Kathryn Kleber

June 2015

No more migraines, and helped with my "female problems"!

About the beginning of May, 2015, I started to come and see Dr. Poole.  I was looking for some relief from my migraines,  they had been a part of my life since I was 10.  I went and sat with Dr. Poole and as we conversed, we discovered that my lower back pain I always had may be what has caused me so many female problems.

After x-rays confirmed what exactly was going on, I had my FIRST adjustment and I'm never looking back!!!!

Already I have so much relief from my pain!  No migraines, which allows me to NOT be stuck in bed for a day.  But more importantly, I actually can function when I'm on my cycle.  This is something I never thought would happen! Every doctor I have seen has always told me there is nothing wrong and that it is just ovarian cysts.  Well, it's not just that. This last week, while on my cycle, I was able to chase my 18 month old daughter around the yard!  I am so thankful for Dr. Poole and the detail he took in figuring out what works for my body.  I was hoping for "good" results, but already I have FANTASTIC results!  Looking forward to keeping feeling better and feeling optimistic about my future of no pain!


I am feeling  better than I have in years!!!!

For several years I have dealt with severe stiffness and painful muscles.  On April 18, 2015, I fell and the pain was intolerable!

In the past, I had physical therapy and orthopedic surgery for an achilles tendon tear.  I had massage therapy and was treated by a chiropractor for whiplash and had very good results.

With that said, on April 26, 2015 I had my first visit at Poole Pain Relief & Wellness Clinic and liked that it was close to home!  

In hindsight, the fall I had that brought me in to Dr. Poole was a blessing in disguise! Not only has he relieved the excruciating pain I was in, but in a few short weeks I am feeling better than I have in years!!!!  I am no longer taking anti-inflammatory medications which I have taken twice a day for at least 10 years.  I am sleeping better and not having severe morning stiffness. My energy level has increased from improved sleep and significantly less pain.  For years I thought I was old and arthritic but fortunately I found Dr. Poole, his outstanding massage therapist, Megan, and Robbie, who was sympathetic and understanding of pain and scheduled me as a new patient to be seen quickly.

I would highly recommend Dr. Poole to anyone who has pain at any level from mild to severe, as I did, because he can and will help that pain go away!  I can't wait to see how good I will feel when Dr. Poole has completed his treatment plan he developed for me!!!!

Marianne Sinclair-Best

 Dr. Poole's expertise brought me much needed relief

I have been receiving chiropractic care off and on for over 30 years. This care has helped me maintain the bodily stress of 35 years in the dental field, two injuries after falling off horses, two auto accidents in which I was broadsided and two falls down my stairs.
I've been a patient of record here for 3 years and with chiropractic treatment, held a lifestyle with tolerable pain levels and some restricted activities.
Four months ago I came down with a nasty viral flu bug that seemed to settle in my muscles and those symptoms lasted for 3 months.  It was more muscle pain than I have ever experienced before.  Then something shifted and I could no longer get out of bed in the morning without shooting pains from my lower back, down my legs, that left me gasping in pain and brought me to my knees. I couldn't even attempt to bend over nor twist without the lightening bolts of pain!  The only relief I got was to lie in my bed.
All attempts to adjust me would not hold and I was miserable, coming in 2-3 times  a week for adjustments with no real improvement.
Then Dr. Poole took over the practice.   He observed me and listened when I told him something was not right.  We decided to take another set of x-rays to compare to the previous ones taken.  We later sat down to talk over his new anticipated treatment plan.  Dr. Poole gave me some simple shower exercises, a heel lift and a velcro back brace. He had me bring a bath towel from home that he personally rolled to perfection which I lay my neck on every night to help put the natural curve back in my neck!
His effective treatment plan has given me so much relief!  I no longer have the shooting pains, my adjustments are holding better than ever and I am enjoying being an active grandmother, volunteer guru and gardener!  Thank you, Dr. Poole!  Looking forward to being less "high maintenance" in the near future!!!

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